Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chugga Chugga and Week 1 Progress

It's been two weeks since I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, which I truly believe is my "AHA" moment, and one week of wearing my bodybugg and food journaling. So without further or do,  ladies and gentlemen....I'm down 8.6 pounds. Wohoo!

My energy levels are bursting at the seams (unlike my hips after this week's weigh-in) and I feel alive. For the first time in all my weight loss efforts, which have been too many to count, I view food as fuel. Prior to these last two weeks, that concept could never be fully instilled in me. Sure, I've heard the line before but I've never "lived it", I never honestly, whole-heartedly, believed in that concept.

And why is it sticking this time? I'll tell ya, my kiddo. My crazy, train lovin', 3 year old is helping his 30 (shhh, don't tell anyone) year old mama learn a long overdue lesson. As I'm learning more and more about nutrition, and relaying it to him in relation to his fave toys, trains. You've got to fuel the train properly in order for it to work. A very simplistic concept that I'm using to teach him about  fruits and vegetables could very well be the  piece to the puzzle that could save my life!

Crazy, huh! Sometimes I think that is so embarrassing that it took me this long to figure it out and other days it can be incredibly empowering to know that I might finally be getting it.

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